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Dentures in water glass and dental tools to restore function

Dental Dentures Restore Confidence and Function After Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is devastating to your smile, oral health and self-confidence. Missing multiple teeth or preparing for removal of hopeless teeth leaves you searching for a solution to restore your smile and quality of life. Millions of U.S. adults are missing multiple teeth, with over 12 million in need of a complete replacement solution for at least one arch*. Dentures from Dr. Thomas Layton deliver a return to a happy, confident, functional smile, and may be the ideal option for replacing your missing teeth.

Are Dentures Right for You?

Today’s dentures offer a number of benefits for life after tooth loss, including:

Dentures have come a long way over the years. The options available for removable tooth replacement today are far more customized and precision-crafted than those of the past, and are designed to be more lightweight, easy to wear and esthetic than ever before.


Eat and speak with ease

Easy removal and homecare

Maintenance of facial structure

Greater comfort than earlier dentures

Economical, cost-effective option

Restore confidence to your smile

The Ideal Candidate for Dentures

With 22 years of experience and professional memberships in distinguished organizations like the American College of Dentists, Dr. Layton has acquired a keen eye for cosmetic detail and advanced skill for achieving optimal oral health. In addition to tooth replacement options like dental implants and same-day full-arch implant restoration, Dr. Layton restores appearance and biting function with removable partial, immediate and complete denture solutions.

Dentures may be the right path for your oral health if you:

Have a number of failing or hopeless teeth

Are missing multiple or a full arch of teeth

Are waiting transition to dental implants

Are not a candidate for receiving implants

Restore Your Smile With Modern Denture Solutions

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