Regain Function and Aesthetics with Full Mouth Reconstruction Services

Regain Function and Aesthetics with Full Mouth Reconstruction Services

Has the function or beauty of your smile changed due to tooth loss, gum disease, damaged teeth, or other dental concerns? Dr. Thomas Layton is specially trained in full mouth reconstruction, or smile makeover procedures, and can help restore health, function and aesthetics to your smile. Full mouth reconstruction involves one or multiple dental procedures to collectively correct various issues, ranging from cosmetic to functional, and is completely personalized to you. Whatever your smile goals are we can help you get the life-changing care you deserve.

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Comprehensive Treatment
Options Available to You

Depending on your individual dental needs and desires, at Dr. Layton’s office located in Charlotte, NC, conveniently located near the Myers Park, NC area, he may recommend one or multiple procedures that may take place over a period of weeks, months or even years. For those who experience anxiety or for more complex procedures, we offer sedation dentistry to help you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatment.

Common smile makeover services we offer include:

Same-day crowns and bridges


Gum disease treatment

Tooth extractions

Dental implants (single, multiple or full arch)

Invisalign® orthodontics

KoR teeth whitening

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Experience Quality Care for a Life-Changing Smile

Dr. Layton applies advanced training from prestigious academies such as the Pankey Institute and Spear Education to provide comprehensive full mouth care at his office conveniently near Myers Park, NC. He and our team are dedicated to delivering high quality services and recognize smile makeovers can be life changing. A full mouth reconstruction procedure can enhance your appearance, improve self-confidence and restore your ability to eat and speak with confidence! You will no longer need to live with problems such as cracked, crooked or missing teeth, a misaligned bite or tooth decay. Our team is here to correct these issues and help you enjoy a higher quality of living. We also work with other specialists in the Charlotte, NC area and partner with them during your treatment, if needed, to ensure cohesive treatment.

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