Root Canal Therapy Relieves Tooth Pain, Saving Your Smile

Dr. Layton explaining root canal therapy to patient

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

When a tooth suffers damage or decay into the internal (pulp) area, root canal therapy is often needed to relieve tooth pain and save the tooth from extraction. A root canal is performed by removing the nerve tissue from within the center of the tooth and down the length of its roots, strengthening the tooth with a special, soothing filling material, and sealing it off with a filling or dental crown. Root canal treated teeth often need coverage and protection with a crown to prevent further breakdown, leaving your smile restored and healthy once again.

Signs You May Need a Root Canal

One or more of the following signs and symptoms may indicate that root canal treatment is needed to save your oral health and smile:

Tooth pain

Dull, persistent ache



Pain on biting

Temperature sensitivity

Severe breakage or crack

Infected Teeth Present an Urgent Need for Care

Historically, root canals have received an unfair reputation. In truth, root canal treatment is just as comfortable as having a filling or crown placed, and does not incur the major discomfort many believe to be part of the procedure. Dr. Thomas Layton provides initial care and retreatment for your simple root canal needs, partnering with a specialist for more complex cases. Layton Dentistry also provides Sedation Dentistry for extra comfort during procedures. If you experience any sign or symptom of tooth infection or damage, do not delay. Timely treatment may be necessary to save your oral health.

Putting off or avoiding the root canal therapy you need places you at risk for:

Tooth loss

Intense pain or discomfort

Bone damage

Systemic illness

More complicated treatment needs

Avoid Unnecessary Health Risks And Tooth Loss By Getting The Root Canal Treatment You Need As Soon As Possible.

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