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Layton Dentistry is the home of exceptional day one dentistry in Charlotte, NC. With our dedicated team of experienced dental professionals, we deliver seamless dentistry, combining efficiency, comfort, and unparalleled quality of service. We are proud to offer our unique approach to dental care, where we facilitate same day dentist appointments to suit your busy schedule. Our mission is to ensure that your visit to our clinic is as swift and smooth as possible. We understand what it is like to have a tooth break, filling fall out or to require same-day tooth replacement following implant surgery. However, quick doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. Our same day cosmetic dentistry options ensure a transformative, bright smile within hours. Imagine walking into our clinic with discolored, chipped, or misaligned teeth, only to leave with a flawless smile by the end of the day.

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Dr. Layton talks about Cerec Same Day Crowns

What Is One-Day Dentistry?

“One-Day Dentistry” is an innovative approach to dental care pioneered by Layton Dentistry that prioritizes your time and convenience. One-Day Dentistry means having your teeth treated and restored with a permanent restoration through advanced systems like CEREC® and other technology, within a single visit. We understand that your schedule may be bustling, and finding time for multiple dentist appointments can be a challenge. One-day dentistry is our solution, allowing us to offer a range of services – from routine teeth cleanings and fillings to comprehensive cosmetic dentistry procedures – all completed within a single day. Instead of multiple visits spanning weeks or even months, you can achieve your dental goals in one convenient appointment. Whether you’re looking for a quick dental refresh or a full smile makeover, our same-day dentistry approach ensures you’ll walk out of our clinic on the same day with a healthier, brighter smile.

Same Day Dental Services at Our Charlotte NC Office

We value your time and understand the importance of prompt dental care. That's why our same day dentistry concept has been designed to address various dental needs on the spot, providing rapid relief, enhancing aesthetics, and improving oral health. At Layton Dentistry, we're all about efficient, top-tier dental care that fits into your day with ease. Whether you are faced with a dental emergency situation or are excited about transforming your smile within the course of a single appointment, we offer the following same-day procedures to meet your cosmetic and functional needs:

Crowns & Bridges, Dentures


Teeth Cleaning

Veneers & Implants

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Full-Arch Implant Restoration

Sedation Dentistry Service

Other Restorative Solutions

Advancing Your Oral Health Through Modern, Proven Solutions

Dr. Thomas Layton’s status as a CEREC® doctor and member of the International Congress for Dental Implantologists affords him the knowledge, skills and experience to restore your smile through advanced same-day solutions. With 22 years in practice and an unwavering commitment to continuing education and advancing oral health, Dr. Layton is proud to serve your family with same-day dentistry services from the comfort of our established, friendly practice.

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