Clear Aligners in Charlotte, An Alternative to Traditional Braces

Clear Aligners Sure to Improve your Life

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the orthodontics solutions out there. While there are numerous options, Dr. Thomas Layton can provide you with the latest in dental technology with SureSmile® clear aligners in Charlotte, NC. The process of creating and wearing your SureSmile clear aligners is simple. Each aligner is custom made to straighten your teeth in phases, without making it obvious. The best part? SureSmile doesn’t put any limits on your life! That’s why we’re here to show you how SureSmile is an affordable and effective solution. With many ways to customize your treatment, we’ll provide you with a personalized care plan that is both comfortable for your smile and your wallet. With Dr. Layton, you can be sure that SureSmile will create the straight, balanced and lasting smile you want.

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Our SureSmile Four-Step Process

One-Day Dentistry means having your teeth treated and restored with a permanent restoration through advanced systems like CEREC® and other technology, within a single visit. This can be life-changing, especially in the case of a dental emergency, where your oral health and smile esthetics are at risk without immediate care. Our One-Day Dentistry services offer the convenient, high-quality treatment you need for a smooth, seamless, stunning smile.

Whether you are faced with a dental emergency situation or are excited about transforming your smile within the course of a single appointment, we offer the following same-day procedures to meet your cosmetic and functional needs:





Tooth-Colored Fillings

Full-Arch Implant Restoration

Other Restorative Solutions

Our Charlotte SureSmile Four-Step Process

Scanning – Our first step toward achieving your ideal smile starts with the Primescan. To ensure we’re providing the highest level of quality and efficient care, we use this leading intraoral scanner that’s setting the standard for precise and accurate digital impressions. With Primescan, we can get a 3D scan of your teeth in just seconds, without the inconvenience of any messy or gooey impressions. Your positive patient experience is our focus and we want to provide you with the most efficient and form-fitting aligners.

Planning – Here comes the planning! In order to confirm that you’re confident about your smile, we use SureSmile’s precision software to personally craft and create your brand-new look. We want to ensure that you receive exactly what you’re looking for, so we’ll schedule a time with you to preview and perfect your new smile.

Fabricating – Once you’ve approved of your brand-new smile, it’s time to fabricate your custom set of SureSmile clear aligners. Precisely matching your digital treatment plan, each aligner is made from durable Elite Essix® Plastic to fit comfortably and produce your desired results.

Treating – After your custom set of clear aligners have been created, you’ll finally start your journey to a new smile! We’ll closely monitor your progress to make sure you’re satisfied with your transformation.

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An Experience You Can be Sure About

Gone are the days of uncomfortable brackets and a mouth full of metal! We’ll provide you with clear braces that will fix your smile in a discreet and comfortable fashion, while also not breaking the bank. Metal brackets can cause pain and discomfort the entire time you wear them, but this doesn’t happen with SureSmile clear aligners! After choosing SureSmile, you don’t have to worry about restricting what you eat. You can eat and drink whatever you want because SureSmile clear braces can be removed smoothly and easily! A positive patient experience is our main priority, which is why we provide flexible in-house financing options that won’t break your budget. We believe that everyone should be able to achieve their dream smile and we’ll work with you to figure out an affordable financial plan to make it possible.

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